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Generally they are healthy but at the age of 9, 10, 11, 20 and 32, they may suffer from heart troubles, high fever or bilious and wind troubles. If Lagna, Lord and 8th Lord are strong they will live up to 80 years. During that age on Chaithra month Krishna Paksha Panchami day, coinciding with Aridra star, and on a Thursday early morning they may pass away. They have agricultural lands and earn from the same and will be sucessftil in all endeavours.

They are devoted to saints, philosophers, highly placed, great people in all walks of life. They have liking for perfumes, are spendthrift, charitable but watchful. These persons are famous, clever, short tempered, worried having lot of hestitation and may lack in drive and push. They eat little have a liking for high class dresses and jewellery. They have piercing look and keen observation. They are of moderate height, fair, fattish, average in appearance with proportionate limbs haying longish, normal or triangular face.

They talk fast and walk briskly. They arc serene, broad minded, peace loving, bulid castles in the air. When problems or riddles arise, they do not have the courage to face and balance them. Due to this, they get worrried quickly. If Lagna has malefic conjunction and aspects, they get involved in sexual pleasures.

In the company of ladies they are happy and elevated. They do not enter into disputes, but will try to settle them peacefully. Details about the Twelve Lagnas 33 They are spiritualists and attached to yoga, meditation etc They are found to be adept in music, dance, drama etc. They get much disturbed by tragedies. They are cunning. They will concentrate on supernatural and occult things. Their professions will always belong to mental faculties. Their professions are also connected with water sea, fishery etc. Though initially they will labour and achieve all comforts in life.

They should be careful against hidden enemies.

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They may suffer from eye and ear troubles and problems related to excess mucus. During the age of 3, 4, 7 and 12, they get afflicted with cough, fever, diseases connected with over heat of body etc. They also suffer often from prolonged periods of worries. At the age of 86, due to the above health and mental problems during the Lunar month of Karkataka, on a Saturday conciding with Vishaka Star and during Krishna Paksha, at the time of Sun set, they may pass away.

If they cross tliis hurdle they may live up to years. Descriptions given above about the 12 Lagnas are based on Tamil Maranagandi Shasthra and from observations. Other important points of the 12 Lagnas are given below: 1. If Venus is in Lagna or in 7th, then also life will be of very high standard. If Mercury is in Lagna life will be still better. These people are submissive to their wives. Simha : They arc attached to their mothers. Tula : They will be very happy during the last portion of their life.

Vrischika : Native will be sick during their younger age. Meena : These people do not work hard but get help from connections. If Jupiter is strong in Lagna their life will be still better. Each Rasi indicates a limb of Kala Purusha. In whichever Rasi malefic planets are placed, that limb will be inflicted with some defect or disease.

Simha is puthra sthana for Kala Purusha. If malefics are placed there, the children will suffer, similarly if malefic results are indicated by transiting planets there will be puthra dosha. If Dhanu happens to be strong and subhasthana in a horoscope and the Lord Jupiter is also well placed, native will have faith in religion and orthodoxy. He may undertake many foreign travels. Similarly if good results are indicated here by transiting planets, such foreign travels will be happy and successful. The native may gain monetary benefits through the men belonging to the caste indicated by the Rasi which happens to be in Labha Sthana.

When in a chart more planets are placed in male Rasis, they will be strong type like males, even if in signs the native is like female the same convention applies to transit results. Details about the Twelve Lagnus 35 When Jupiter and Venus are in odd signs they are more benefic while Mars and Saturn in even signs give more malefic results. This applies to both transit results and for birth charts. There are rasis which are blind during day, and those which are blind during night. If one of these happen to be and from Lagna and its Lord gets affected by malefic planetary influence aspect clc.

This will also apply to lame Rasis, limbless kabandha with head rasis etc. Planets in movable signs will give results in the beginning, in moveable signs in the middle and in fixed signs at the end. This will apply to transit as well as dasa bukthi results. This is how the judgement of various features and aspects of life have to be made with reference points so far enumerated. Any one of the 12 Rasis can become Lagna. The 12 signs reckoned from the Lagna are called Bhavas, which indicate various aspects of life.

For example, Lagna generally indicates nature, shape, aptitude, health in general, well being etc. As in Natal chart, transit results are also determined with reference to those 12 Bhavas. For example if in transit, Saturn is 5th house for Kanya Rasi born people, the children may fall sick and there could bad time for them. Children may go aggressive against the native during the time. If Jupiter is in 5th, the native will have good children and he will be very happy.

Therefore significations Karakatwas of the 12 Bhawas should be clearly understood. I st BHAVA Lagna or Shareera Bhava The Physical the body of the native, its aura, shape, wealth, stomach, head, jewels, thinking, mental worries, beauty, fame, happiness, longevity, taste, good habit, to protect somebody, profession, body development pushti , sleep, dream, hair in the head, the five senses etc.

During transit, suppose Saturn is in Lagna, the signification detailed above will be affected. The significator or Bhava Karaka for 1st bhava is Sun. The Signification of the Twelve Bhavas 37 2 nd BHAVA Kutumba Bhava Kutumba or family, fortune, increase of wealth, money, right eye, academic education, great weal th, eloquence of speech, rosea rch in sdence, sastras, fast walk, mind, to refute, gold, gems, selling and buying, grains, earning wealth, income, friends, income from unknown or outsiders, clothing, horse vehicles , face, tongue, nails, bhojana good food , the capability of doing things, or that which cannot be done asadyam , anger, fixed mind, deception, belongings, property etc.

Third is 8th to 8th. Hence this is accepted as 2nd Ayusthana. Longevity can also be seen from 3rd bhava.

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If in transit, benefic planet is in 3rd from Moon sign, the time will be dangerous to longevity, if it is Jupiter, the danger will be more. Travelling facilities, comforts vehicles etc. P etc. Karaka for this Bhava is Jupiter. He is mainly Putra Karaka. Here, only evils are listed. However, if malefic planets like Mars transit on this Bhava, he gives good results.

Benefics in this places create enmity and ill results during transit. Mars and Saturn are significators for this Bhava. For a male Seventh house indicates sex pleasure derived from wife and 4th place indicates the sex pleasure enjoyed from concubine and other women. Karaka for 7th bhava is Venus and he is also Karaka for wife for males , for females. Jupiter is Karaka for husband. Karma Vyadhi terminal diseases. In transit both malefic and benefic planets give evil results only in 8th house.

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Karaka for 8th Bava is Saturn. The karaka for this Bhava is Guru or Jupiter. Participation in governance asM. P, Minister etc. The karakas for 10th bhava are Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn. These are called as Jeevana Karakas. Mercury is called Karma Karaka. I I th BHAVA Labha Sthana Gains, elder brothers-sisters, servants, those rendering service to native, second wife while the first is living, gain through alchemy, high class vehicles like palenquin cars of higher value , gain through agricultural lands, owning horse, elephants and riding them, distinctive knowledge in andent sciences sastras , removal of worries, agony and miseries, honour through various ways in public functions, success in endeavours, all acts which result in gain from profession and business, regaining lost money or wealth, sincerity or insincerity, affection, kindness, the attachment and affection with mother.

According to transit rules for malefic or benefic planets, this is the only place where both give good results. Karaka for this Bhava is Guru. He is also Dhana Karaka or significator for money, wealth etc. Karakas for 12th Bhava are Saturn for expenditure and Ketu for liberation or Moksha. If a benefic planet like Venus passes 12th sign from natal Moon, the native enjoys sexual pleasure and increases expenditure on this. If Jupiter crosses 12th, expenditure will be on auspicious events like marriages or for temples etc. If malefic planet crosses 12th pain, sorrow and expenditure will happen as per the signification of the planet in question.

Here, it is proposed to give some details about functional beneficiences and maleficence. Malefic planets give benefic results under certain circumstances and vice-versa. According to each Lagna lordship of different Bhavas changes. Thus even natural benefic planets get bad lordship and malefic planets own a good Bhava.

Therefore bad and good nature of planets has to be decided with reference to each of the Lagnas. We will explain the same. Hence maraka is death inflicting planet. Maraka : We have to judge a horoscope and find out the longevity group to which Jataka belongs. Horoscope can identify poornayu jataka full life of years madhyamayu jathaka 60 years and Alpayu jathaka 32 years and Jess With limit of longevity completed, the dasabukthi coinciding, the period of the planet who is maraka, native may pass away. For Alpayu native 1st and 3rd Lords dasas may become Maraka.

For Dheerghayu persons dasas of 7th and 9th Lords may inflict Maraka tva. Dheerghayu If two planets are strong out of the above, the longevity may be medium or up to 60 years Madhyayu Supper side If only one planet is strong out the three, the life span will only be half of the above or 32 years, madhyayu lower side If all the three planets are weak, it will be Alpayu i. Badhakadipati: For Chara or moveable lagna 1 1th Lord, for fixed sign 9th Lord for dual sign 7th Lord is badhaka thipati.

Mesha Kumbha Saturn 11 2. Rishaba Makara Saturn 9 44 GodwPhaktdeepika 3. Mithuna Dhanus Jupiter 7 4. Kataka Rishaba Venus 11 5. Leo Mesha Mars 9 6. Kanya Meena Jupiter 7 7. Tula Leo Sun 11 8. Vrischika Kataka Moon 9 9. Dhanu Mithuna Mercury 7 Makara Vrischika Mars 11 Kumbha Tula Venus 9 Maroka is death inflicting but, Badhak indicates difficulties, impediments obstructions, sorrows, miseries, etc. Badhaka sthana is a bad place for any planet. The Bhava where badhakathipatis is placed and planets aspected or conjoined with Badhakathipati gets afflicted.

But if he owns a kona also, he becomes benefic. But Lords of 6th, 8th and 12th if also happen to own Lagna, then their malefic effect gets reduced. Except Saturn, the other planets who also become 7th Lord , are neither benefic nor malefic. As maraka, if benefic, will give moderate results. As 8th Lord any other planet generally gives malefic results.

When a planet owns both a kendra and a kona, he is parama yoga karaka. Lagna is neither a kona nor a kendra. Its lords are neither benefic nor malefic. But Lagna Lord will protect the native. If the 7th Lord is Jupiter or Venus and connected with malefic, they become strong marakas. In this respect Venus is stronger than Moon, Moon is stronger than Mercury and strongest is Jupiter, If malefics get Marakatva by Lordship of 7th or 2nd house their marakatva is much reduced.

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Other planets as 8th Lords, even if they are in own houses, are malefics. If they are not joined with any other planet, they give the results of the lord of Bhava they occupy. Intrikona, they give benefic results. In 12th house give moderately good results. In 3, 6 and 11th they are malefics, where they join trikonadhipati, they become benefics equivalent to yoga karaka. If Rahu and Ketu are in kendra and konas and are joined with other kona-kendra lords respectively, they will be considered as yoga karakas.

If Rahu and Ketu are alone in 3rd, 6th and 11th, during Antaras of benefics, extreme malefic results occur. They give malefic results during the period of malefics and good results during the period of benefics. But since they do not possess kendrathipathya dosha they are little bit weaker in their malefic influence. But if they are either in 3, 6, 11 or in 2, 8, 12 and joined with marakas, they themselves become marakas. A maraka Ekmfic and Malefic Ffanvts 47 alone does not give marakatva unless joined with another malefic.

If a maraka also becomes a kendradipati he becomes a definite maraka. But they will kill during the dasa bukthi of maleflcs not connected with them. In this context out of 9th and 10th Lords only one planet gets Dustanathipathya, s If Rahu and Ketu are in 3th, 6th, 8th and 11th houses from Lagna and at the same time in 2nd or 8th from Moon, they become marakas.

Ifmalefics, Jupiter and Venus arc connected with them, they also become marakas. But there is exception for Rahu in Rishaba. But if he is 8th or 10th he will give only malefic results but will not have marakatva When malefics pass though maraka places from Chandra lagna in transit we can definitely expect the bad results. This information can be helpful injudgement ofbothplanetaryinfluences and transit result on native. For example, the dasa of the badhakatipati is bad. The planets conjoined with or aspected by badhakatipati may also become malefic. The bhava occupied or aspected by badhakatipati may cause difficulties.

Planet placed in badhakasthana causes negative influences with reference to the Bhava or Bhavas he owns. This is how we have to judge the malefic and benefic results of planets from various angles. The essence of the benefic and malefic influence so far discussed is incorporated in the table given ahead for various Lagnas. Sun and Moon Yoga Karakas. Saturn Venus will not kill.

If Moon b waning may give ordinary good results. Waxing Moon will give good results. Saturn will give yoga but as badhaka he will also be evil 3. Moon is also maraka as 2nd lord 4. Venus as 11th Lord is malefic. Mercury as 2nd and 12th lord is malefic. Saturn is maraka and malefic. Mercury as 2nd, 11th lord is malefic as well as maraka. Among Jupiter and Mercury the latter is strong maraka.

Moon as 11th Lord is malefic. In a way he is also manuka. Venus as 8th Lord though bad as lagna lord is noutrjl. Jupiter as 2nd Lord and Venus as 7th Lord are both marakas. As 11th lord Mars is Badhaka as well as Maraka. As 9th Lord Mercury is benefic as 6th lord bad but he is yoga Lagna 1 Malefics 2 Benefics 3 Yoga karaka's benefic results of conjunction with other planets 4 Badhakas 5 Marakas A Explanation 7 As 1 1th lord in a way he is maraka.

But as yoga karaka he will also do good. But as 4th Lord he will also do good, Saturn as lHh Lord is maraka. Though Mars is 2nd Lord he will not kill since he is 9th Lord. These come to meet the individual through planets during their transit and directional periods called Dasa Bukthis at various stages of life.

On any given day in individual's life both Dasa Bukthi transit have effects and a combined result may give better judgernet in respect of trend of life. But to be able to enjoy all these the life span is very important for an individual. If it is long life then only all these are possible. But in Astrology Ayu Nirnaya or computing life span has always been a riddle. It has to be computed on the net average of life spans arrived under various heads such as Amsayurdaya, Lagnayurdaya, Pindayurdaya, Ashtavargayurdaya, Naisargika-yurdaya etc.

But to do all these calculations and arrive at a correct life span, even with computers is difficult. However, our ancient Tamil authors have given some dictums for assessing the life span, which is close to the true one. When dasa bukthi and transit promises is good the period will be moderate. If both are bad the period will be bad. During such a bad period, when the estimated life span coincides with the dasa of a maraka planet together with bad transit, death may occur. It is actually the Gochara or transit that gives the definite indication of timing of events.

Now we will take up ways of computing life span by approximations as given by Tamil sages. Before that we take up certain other factors. Generally we follow Vimshothari dasa system. The cumulative period of 9 planets is years. That means poomayu is years. But due to various factors we are now 52 GxharritiLdivpiki considering only years as the full life span.

This is also confirmed by Vedic mantras. In daily Sandhya Vandhana ritual, during Surya Namaskar, we say: Pashyema sharadhah shatam Shrunuvama sharadhah shatam Nandama sharadhah shatam Modama sharadhah shatam Jeevema sharadhah shatam We pray to Lord Surya to let our vision be good and sharp up to years, let us hear clearly for years, let us be happy for years, let us rejoice for years and let us live for years.

Through these prayers the author has fixed years as poornayu and starts at lower level from 60 to 75 and above. The following combinations are given in the ancient Tamil palm leaf manuscripts to assess the Ayu. If 8th Lord is either in 12th or 9th, one lives upto years. If 8th Lord is in 8th or 1 1th, one lives up to 75 years. If 8th Lord is in 6th house, one lives up to 50 years. If 8th Lord is in 4th, 10th and 7th houses, the span of life will be very short i. If a chart has one or more of Pancha Maha Purusha Yogas, person lives longer.

When life span is categorised in the above five groups, some conditions as given below also are stipulated in ancient Tamil texts. If Lagnadhipati, the Lord of the sign occupied by Moon, the Eighth Lord, the Ayush Karaka Saturn, the Lord of the sign occupied by Saturn and Jupiter all these six planets are friends and well placed in the chart, the native will live for hundred years. According to the deficiency occurring due to one or more of these six planets, years can be modified as under. For example poomayush is 75years, assuming that the 8th Lord is in the 1 lthhouse, and that in the same chart, out of the six planets 4 are strong and well placed.

Then 75 years will get reduced further by following approximation. So the life span of the native will be 50 years. How the life further evolves in various aspects is indicated by the directional results Dasa Bukthi which is based on the Janma Nakshathra. Transit are also reckoned from Moon sign. Hence it can be seen that both are based on position of Moon at birth. It can therefore be said that Transit influence and Dasa Bukthi results are interlinked In the previous chapters it has been discussed that: a.

If both transit and Dasa Bukti indicate good results, the period will be very good. If one of them indicates good and the other bad time the results will be mixed. If both indicate bad results, the period will be very bad. But we cannot ascertain the effect of the dasas in detail unless transit, good or bad are fully understood. The present work does not give scope for analysis in detail of Dasas, Bukthis and Antaras.

Therefore some salient features of dasa system are explained here, as required in the present context. The 27 stais are distributed in cycles of 9 stars. For a span of years of the complete dasa period, these 9 stars take turn and dasa periods are owned by 9 planets in a particular order. These names repeat again in the next two cycles of 9 stars each. Thus 3 cycles cover 27 stars. Thus first dasa will be that of birth star, second that of Sampath Tara and so on. The nature of the results of the Taras will be in accordance with name of star as can be seen from below: 1st dasa of Janma Nakshatra — will give moderate results.

This will give all comforts, peace of mind and progress in all walks of life. This dasa will be moderately good. There may be external help etc. This dasa will also be good to a greater extent than that of 8th. These are only general indications. The dasa by themselves will be prosperous or evil according to the nature of the Lords of Dasa Bukthis antaras etc. This will be moderated by catagory of Tara as given above to a certain extent.

It may further be modified by the transit. As seen above, 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th dasas produce ill effects. It is noted that one may not live the life span of all dasas. Now, the views regarding dasas with reference to particular planet are explained below: Reconciliation of Transit and Dasa Bukthi 55 2. Saturn Dasa comes as 4th. Is there no power for other planets to inflict Marakatva? If Saturn has 4th Dasa, native should have born in Mars Dasa and Shani Dasha may start dasa from 36 to 40 years of his age. If the chart belongs to Poornayu Jataka, then he may not even pass away during 7th dasa.

The same explanation applies to other dasas mentioned above. If Rahu Dasa falls as 7th dasa, native should have been born in Mercury Dasa and may be nearing 67th year during span of Rahu Dasa. If he belongs to alpayu group he might have passed away earlier.

Here we should clearly understand: a Category of life span the native belongs alpayu, madhyamayu and poornayu. If both the above mentioned cond itions are met with and Saturn as 4th dasa, Mars as 5th dasa etc. It is in the above context we have to interpret the dictum mentioned above. These periods are said to be very bad and may cause death, if other two conditions do not coincide with the life span. The dasas of Kendra Lords will not be good.

But if malefic planet becomes Kendradhipati, good results may be expected. The Lords of these konas benefic or malefic, during their dasas will be favourable. Out of these 6th Lords Dasa gives malefic results, 11th Lord Dasa is a qualified maraka dasa, but gives financial status. As he gives prosperity even as a qualified maraka he may inflict death.

For a fixed Lagna, the third lord is not a qualified maraka. If 8th Lord is also Lagna Lord, his dasa as the 8th Lord will not inflict any danger to life. Sun and Moon are not malefics even if they own 8th houses. Dasas of Lagna Lord will give wealth as well as normal good results. Dasas of 3rd Lord is good. Dasas of 5th Lord is responsible for development of intellectual keenness, higher education as also progeny. Reconciliation of Transit and Dasa Bukthi 57 6.

Dasas of 6th Lord may give trouble through enemies, diseases, loans etc. In Dasas 7th Lord native encounters, unnecessary misery and sorrow. For Ubhaya Lagna, if other conditions match then it may also inflict Marakatava. The dasa of 8th Lord, native faces litigation, incurable disease and subject to other conditions Marakatva. The dasa of 9th Lord will bestow all benefic results, how- ever, for fixed Lagna it may turn Maraka. Dasa of 10th Lord, one get status and fame, 1 1. Dasa of 11th Lord gives over ail gain of money and may also be Maraka especially for chara Lagnas.

Dasa of 12th Lord may bring disease, illness, damage to one's belongings etc. He gives first results of that bhava and followed by other bhavas in succession for all the 12 bhavas. For this purpose the dasa period may be divided into 12 equal parts. When he becomes direct there will be name, fame, honour, high status etc. When he goes forward in 6th, 8th, 12th bhavas, bad results follow. Dasha planet are interrelated to each other in a particular manner and modify the results as given below: a Bodhaka: a planet which helps the dasanatha to give full results.

If a bodhaka comes as bukthi antara natha dasanath gives his benefic results. Such periods will be doubly benefic and he adds his own results to that of dasanatha. He also adds to the results of the dasanatha. This is how each Dasha Lord comes across bhukti nath who helps or obstructs the results of dashanatha. They also similarly make planets in transit to give good results.

The following table shows the details of Bodhaka, Vedhaka, Poshaka and Karaka. Rahu and Ketu do not influence as Bodhaka, Vedhaka etc. Reconciliation of Transit and Dasa Bukthi 59 The above Bodhaka, Vedhaka, Poshaka and Karaka are also considered in an alternative way as explained as below. Here a planet is termed as Bodhaka, Vedhaka etc. In the first method Tablc-5 different planets act as Bodhaka, Vedhaka, Poshaka and Karaka for each of the 7 dasas excepting Rahu and Ketu.

But the alternative way of interpreting these terminologies differ from the first method in that, different planets act separately as Bodhaka etc. In the second method Table-6 a planet positioned in specified bhava from a particular planet becomes Bodhaka, Poshaka etc. This gives room to understand that Bodhaka etc. Referring to the table Saturn in 6th from Sun acts as Poshaka. There could be two interpretations to this: a that Saturn is Poshaka for Sun's dasa if he is in 6th from Sun and gives good results, during own bukthi. Thus the alternative method works for Dasa Bukthi as well as for judgement of horoscopes.

The planets combust and defeated in Graha Yuddha reduce benefic results similar to retrograde planets. In the dasas of debilitated or of a planet in inimical sign, the native goes outside his place or country under compulsion. He will be away from his relatives, friends, shall have enmity with others, suffering due to diseases, unnecessary arguments with others, risky events, accidents etc.

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  • Sun and Moon do not behave as marakas. But at the same time, if the transit is very bad, there is possibility of death of the native. In transit when a planet gives malefic result in a certain Rasi from Moon sign, at the same time, the said planet passes through Mrithyu Bhagas and period of Maraka is running, then there is possibility of passing away of the native.

    Sade Sathi specially in the middle portion of Janma Sana, Maraka period when Saturn, Dasanatha, or Maraka Planet, one or more of them pass through respective Mrithyubhagas then the native's death is more probable. Similarly, when Moon passes through his positive degrees in all the 12 Rasis, the native feels elevated in spirit and happy. The transiting planet or Dasa planets will give more or less benefic results during the travel of Moon through these positive degrees. Modification of transit results due to Awastha of planets. If planets pass through these Awasthas, similar effect are expected.

    But when they pass through the Death Awastha, they may cause death more certainly than said in the case of transiting planets where they indicate good results, as discussed above. These are as follows for odd signs: Jaghrutha Awastha - Waking state Swapna Awastha - Dreaming state 11 Sushupti Awastha - Deep sleep The order will reverse in the case of female rasis. Sushupli Awastha - Deep sleep state Swapna Awastha - Dreaming state Jagrutha Awastha - Waking state A planet in dreaming state gives mixed results with more towards maleficence. A planet in sushupthi state, is bad but in Jagrut Awastha good.

    The transit results get modified as discussed in the previous classification of Avasthas i. Generally it is believed that when Moon passes through 8thfrom natal Moon, it is called Chandrashtamaand there will be melancholy, ordeals, troubles, losses etc. But in experience it is seen that it is not so for the all rasis. Contrary to this quite good results arc seen in some cases. These rasis in Tamil are called as Paattu' rasis or suffering Rasis. In Table 10 trouble monger Rasis for each of the 12 Moon signs along with Ghata months, Lunar date, yoga, karana, Nakshatra, week day, and the bad yamas on each week day are also given.

    When daily Gochara results are estimated this aspect also needs consideration to arrive at net transit results. Note the figures against yama in the table 4th Yama indicates 4th Yama in the day and also in the night i. The planets who are the Lords of these signs, also get nothingness. Therefore, during that particular day if Shoonva planets in transit passing through benefic or maletic result giving sign from Moon, the net result gets cancelled.

    This is how transit results get modified. If Loads of shoonya rasis are in Rasis owned by malefic planets or in Rasis where they give malefic results or joined with malefic planets, they will give good results only. Conversely if they are in Rasis where they give good results, or when they are alone or conjoined with benefic planets, they give bad results. The reasons for considering Moon for Transit results have already been explained earlier. So far the basic principles of Vedic Astrology have been discussed, which are to be understood to judge and quantify Gochara or Transit results.

    We shall see how transit of planets, in signs reckoned from natal Moon sign affects the individual. For instance we want to know the transit results on a particular day. From Fanchanga position of planets in different Rasis can be seen. Good or evil results will depend upon placement of the planet from Moon sign as per the dictums of Gochara Phala enumerated by our ancients which are explained in this book in the following chapters. If more planets indicate good results, the day will be very good.

    Opposite effect will come to pass in case of evil transits. The Dasha Bhukti should also be checked. Plus, they are easily offended and they seem to take any word that is thrown at them very serious. This can in turn make them prone to depression and a lot of sadness as they prefer to bottle things up rather than show how they feel. Lovers born on March 29 are both sentimental and passionate.

    They have no patience for courtship so they step this stage and go directly to professing their deep passions. They can be easily swept off their feet by eccentric and mysterious persons. Magic ends only if their partner can't keep up with their incredibly active pace. Aries is also falling for simplicity and real enthusiasm.

    When they are single they focus on their ideas and plans and seem to be even more productive. A passionate lover prone to jealousy fits when madly in love. They offer everything they have to their loved one and ask for the same. They are sometimes unpredictable and hard to understand in love. They are most compatible with those born on the 2nd, 5th, 9th, 11th, 14th, 18th, 20th, 23rd, 27th and 29th. March 29 Zodiac people are very compatible with the other two fire signs: Leo and Sagittarius as they tend to share the same vision of life.

    In love, Aries is in a constant search for a deep and understanding relationship where they can open their hearts and express their feelings freely. The one to offer this to them is the affectionate and loyal Libra. Aries is thought to be least compatible with those born under the Pisces zodiac sign. As for the rest of compatibilities between the other star signs and Aries, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose. This hue denotes energy, warmth and youth.

    This zodiac color should be used for objects that are sitting in places where these natives spend most of their time. People who have red as sign color are quick with emotions and often temperamental as they are very charged up in life. These persons are comfortable with lust and their power of seduction. If they are more tempered you can still recognize them easily for their perseverance and determination in any endeavor.

    The Aries birthstone used in astrology for those with March 29 is Diamond. Diamond presents a precious stone that reflects strength and elegance. This zodiac birthstone should be used in pendants, bracelets and other accessories. This gemstone is considered beneficial for brain and glandular diseases and was also said to remove poison. This gemstone comes in white, tinted shades. Another gemstone considered influential for Aries natives is Emerald.

    It suggests growth and healing. Honeysuckle is one of those plants that denote grace and delicacy. This zodiac flower could be used in gifts and accessories. This flower also reveals an individual who is confident and full of energy, ready to tackle all kinds of activities. This flower is to be found during spring time but continue until early fall. Iron is known to represent strength and aggression. This zodiac metal should be used in bracelets and other accessories.

    This strong metal suggests the force of fiery Aries who is easily stimulated just like Iron can be magnetized. Left in moist air, Iron rusts which suggests that it should be handled with care exactly like the Aries native. Those born on March 29 can be described as courageous and positive individuals with an interesting and practical take on life who often engage in a lot of activities at once, even if they don't take all of them to completion.

    In love and regarding family they are energizing and surprising and often very physical. They need to feel desired and they make others desired as well. Only the strongest of gods could manage it. And the best of humans was elected to serve as the connection with the Heavens. Like Sagittarius, he directs the arrow of his mind which reaches the Firmament and brings him directs knowledge of Nature.

    He is able to influence natural conditions through the power of higher laws, so he excersises a power which acts above fate. Thus the image of the god of thunder was fused with the image of the omniscient god of the light Sky. Properly speaking the King of gods in his role as a king of people acts only as a translator of the higher will as it relates to the Earth.

    But as observed from the Earth the images may be read as the god of Thunder himself expressing the will of the Heavens. The god of thunder's location between the Earth and the Sky associates him with high and rocky places, where lightning flashes often strike, and the Indoeuropean name of the god originates from the word ' perunt ' rock. Such is the name of Russian Perun or Indian Parjanya. We always associate the archetype of Jupiter with high elevations which widen the range of mental perception and help to order existence from above. The King of the gods coordinates the different dimensions of the world and distributes goods, happiness, riches and fame according to his fair laws.

    Nevertheless he is not an primordial god, so his laws are temporary and his state from time to time must be transformed. The next archetype describes this transformation. Archetype of Pluto Scorpio :. It happens that not the entire world falls under the rulership of the King of gods. As there was always a rivalry between the true law and the forces of power and money, so there exists a god of the bowels of the Earth, a sovereign of innumerable treasures, who is independent from the King of gods.

    The planet Pluto, symbolized by the image of the eternal Enemy, embodies evil and death, that seeks to destroy the external world order of Jupiter which personifies the principles of good.

    Jen Peters

    The name Pluto means ' rich, full ' and so the chief of the under world is always rich because he has acquired all things that have disappeared from the surface of the Earth. As the gifts of the heavens and the fruits of work on the earth are diminished day by day, the governor of Death becomes richer and richer. The existence of the ruler of the subterranean world is justified through his function of keeping hidden in the bowels of the Earth, far from the sight of humans or even gods! All that is alive needs his energy. And as the potency of nature is passive, the god of Thunder, in irrigating the Earth and awakening her hidden fertility, manifests the new sprout of life by stimulating stored up banks of energy.

    For life to progress, the god of the Interior, like a Scorpion stinging itself with it's own tail, brings out the extreme energies of war and illness, destroying everything that doesn't meet the test and so is destined to be ruined. It falls to the leader of gods to renew life on the surface of the Earth.

    The interaction between these two sovereigns is depicted in the central Indoeuropean myth as a struggle for herds of cows stolen away by the subterranean god and hidden by him in the rocky lowlands. He can manifest himself in the image of a viper from the depths Indian Vritra or Indoeuropean Budh. The god of Thunder then defeats the viper in a battle of thunderstorms, and the herds of cows return as flocks of clouds which provide fertilizing rain.

    The process of the natural circle continues on infinitely, as does the struggle of evil and good. One finds the historical analog of this battle in the real struggle between agriculturally based peoples and the herders and nomads. In this period one's own people personified everything good, and the alien everything evil.

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    • The roots of these abstract notions were at first very simple, but then the representation of evil became more complicated and formed the picture of the alien world as a socialized image of chaos, or hell. The subterranean world is associated with an exit to the abyss: the primary waters which nourish inexhaustible sources of terrible power over the all the living.

      The typical peaceful image of the land of the dead is the Greek Elysium , plains that serve as the pasture where the souls of the deads graze. The richness of another world was usually associated with herds that embody multiplying riches. The herder himself could display his animal's attributes, for example horns and hoofs, showing his close relationship to his wards. In the features of the shepherd god one can easily discern the typical depiction of the Devil. The word Elysium comes from the root ' wel ' which signified the main opponent of the leader of gods the word ' wealth ' is also derived from this root.

      It also relates to the Russian god of herds, richness and lowlands Veles , and the Baltic Velnias , who struggled with the Thunder god Percunas and then was transformed into a Devil. Nevertheless the plutonic thirst to own and store any energy does not destroy the Universe. That is meant to decay, dies, manifesting a well established harmony, symbolized in astrology by the next sign: Libra.

      Archetype of Vulcan and Chiron Libra :. The planet Vulcan symbolizes the balance of the Universe. This is usually represented by a Smith god who calms the struggle among the world's opposing forces, reconstructing the Universe each instant with his own hammer and hands, not unlike the Indian Tvashtar ' creator, master '.

      He forges the weapons that help the chief god to defeat his subterranean Enemy and to dispense with this annoying struggle. The image of the Smith god is associated with the cultural mastering of fire and with the epoch of smelting metal. Vulcan the root of the name ' wel ' symbolizing the Enemy of the Thunder god is a personification of subterranean fire, ever awful and uncontrolable , which then submits to a master.

      Vulcan is a hypothetical planet, and thus the associeted archetype of cultural development has probably not yet manifested its concrete signification in the world, which may happen if the planet is discovered. Sometimes this planet is considered to be the center of gravity of the Solar system, projecting the idea of a perfect balance. When destructive underground forces of the most intractable and dangerous element come to serve the needs of construction, it becomes clear that mankind is ready to overcome it's inner passions and begin civilized existence.

      The peace treaties between the tribes concerning the borders of their territories put a halt to incessant fights. That the border is sacred is illustrated by the legend of Rome's founder Romulus who killed his brother Remus for stepping over a line drawn on the ground. A treaty is the highest form of social interaction, and in the civilized state a certain god appeared whose duty it was to secure human agreements and to punish transgressors.

      This type of god is personified by the Roman Quirin , identified with Romulus and the justification of his legendary act. The Iranian Mithra , having been born with a trowel in his hand and personifying the Law of the Universe, regulates the observance of treaties with a thousand eyes and ears. The Indian Mitra also protects and considers wedlock as a treaty, transforming personal human relations into a higher social realm. Mithra's name etymologically means ' peaceful, grateful, friendly '. Divine Smiths are also peacemakers: connected with celestial and subterranean fields, they act as mediators between them.

      Creating palaces for gods from their golden fire, like Greek Haephestus , and protecting arts and crafts, the divine Smith forges the artificial order of human civilization, dividing it from the wild custom of disorganized nature. As the creator of the Sky defended the Universe from incursions of Chaos by creating the dome of the Firmament, the master of culture artificially forms his world, where no threats are imposed on humanity.

      His acts of creation are always concrete and purposeful. However myths often emphasize the artificiality of the world, divided from elemental influences: so when the Finnish divine Smith Ilmariinen fashions the Sun and the Moon with his own hands, they aren't able to shine. Often a polar pair of creator gods appears such as the Finnish Ilmariinen and Vaeinaemoeinen or Indian Varuna and Mitra , representing natural and cultural models of order. Contemporary western civilization is an example of the regulated world of Mithra , in contradistinction the more anarchistic nature of the East which is represented by Varuna.

      One can associate with the archetype of Libra certain lower gods, sometimes taking on animal form, but benevolent to humans and assisting them, much in the way that the Smith becomes an assistant to the leader of the pantheon. The most famous such being is the Greek centaur Chiron , the teacher of Aesculapus , Orpheus and Hercules.

      According to the one of the legends he bestowed upon Hercules his immortality. It is interesting that the asteroid Chiron, reflecting the sympathy and sweetness of Libra, was discovered by the astronomer Charles Koval , whose surname is translated as 'smith'. When wild nature is not dangerous for the society of humans, animals become man's allies instead of his enemies. However the taming of wild animals, which signifies the submission not only of the political but also of the economic order to the human sphere, is traditionally associeted with the next sign: Virgo.

      Archetype of Ceres and Proserpine Virgo :.

      Astrology Explained: What Is Astrology?

      If the archetype of Libra regulates social relations, the archetype of Virgo consolidates the principles of economy and farming, closely connected with natural order of things. Iron tools and the invention of the plough secures the blossoming of agriculture and manifests an image of nourishing Mother-Earth, symbolizing abundance and fertility.

      So the Greek Demeter ' mother-earth ' , goddess of the fertile Earth controls the sequence of crop cycles, insures the gathering of the harvest and it's wise use into the next spring. She is accompanied by gods of the changing seasons, that maintain the cyclic order of nature which serves as the foundation of the agricultural process. Dying and rising vegetation gods occupy the main positions between the seasonal cycles.

      A seed must be buried in order grow, so first it must die. Each year the Mother-Earth Ceres sacrifices her daughter Proserpine ' proserpo ' means ' grow up ' , taken as a bride to the underworld by the subterranean sovereign. He allows his wife to visit her mother for half of the year, during which the earth become fertile and is covered with green. The other half of year Mother-Earth remains barren grieving for her daughter. The Egyptian mother figure Renenuteth Thermutis in Greek and her son Neperi ' seed ' form a similary pair. It was usually said about Neperi that only after he died did he begin living.

      The death and resurrection of Proserpine maintains the natural order as she properly fulfills the universal law of seasonal change in her own being. The executive power symbolized by the archetype of Virgo must be fair and accurate to insure life processes.

      And thus she is also associated with justice and purity, helping her husband to judge the souls of the dead. Gods belonging to this archetype display a righteousness exemplified by their self-sacrifice in the name of duty, and expressed by their virginity which corresponds the name of the constellation, and to an alternate name for Proserpine, Core , which means ' girl '. The Indian Sita ' furrow ' is also a goddess of this type: she was born of the earth in a furrow and pleaded with her mother Earth to take her back into the soil when a charge of unfaithfulness had been leveled at her.

      Gods of the agricultural cycle, such as Nisaba of Sumeria whose name means ' seed ', also manifest the skill of writing that helps to register the harvest. An economy suggests the hierarchical distribution of duties, so one can associate with the archetype the historical delineation of castes seen as the consolidation of economic principles of the division of labour. In the economic system the domesticated animal occupies a place junior to that of humans. An interesting image of an animal executing his duty is Russian Semargl , the winged dog who protects crops.

      Solar archetype Leo :.


      One can find a regularity in the images within a succession of signs of any element. The subterranean god is connected with the invisible sources of existence of Chaos, reflecting the potency of the water element. The divine Smith continues with the work of creation of the Sky god, and thus represents the air element. The sign of Virgo develops the notion of the abundant earth, as stated by Capricorn.

      Thusly, within the signs of fire element, Solar god, being a generous dispenser of benefit, borrows the functions of the Thunder god, the head of the pantheon. The Sun moves across the Sky like a great wheel, which becomes his universal symbol. It appears in myths primarily as an eye of the omniscient god of the clear Sky, closely related to him through the notion of light, spreading infinitely and embracing all the Universe. The wheel also begins to symbolize celestial universality. The Solar god spends his days on the surface of the Earth, surveying his domain and dispensing gifts, and descends to the underground world at night, where he illuminates the dead and struggles with the forces of darkness, much as the solar god Ra of Egypt fought with the viper Apope each night.

      The daily path of the Sun manifests a unity of the celestial, terrestrial and subterranean. Solar image combines the highest justice of the archetype of Vulcan with the concrete life processes of Virgo. Like a wheel that touches the earth at one extremity and the sky at another, it personifies the wholeness and integrity of being.

      There were even particular gods of the solar disk, such as Aton of Egypt, Koloksay ' wheel-tsar ' of the Scythes or Khors of the Slavs. Like the Indian Savitar and the Greek Helios , Solar gods travel across the sky in chariots, pulled by horses that also become a symbol of the Sun. A historical invention of a wheel as well as use of wheeled carts is also associated with this archetype. The new speed of chariots permitted the control of wide expanses, which allowed the unification of separate reagions and the formation of empires, in whose light the smaller states faded.

      The idea of unified power is associated with the Sun: the Egyptian pharaoh Ehnaton even began to see in the solar disk an autocratic god. But his idea of monotheism was not disseminated: this idea was manifested only at the end of mythological development and is associated with the archetype of Mars and Aries, the third sign of fire element.

      Great emperors were named after the Sun, but in the divine pantheon the place of main god was already occupied. So the Solar god, sending heat and benefit to the Earth with his hands the Sun rays, only succeded in rivaling the Thunder god, bringer of the fertilizing rains. The light of the Sun was so commonplace that it never stimulated the human imagination as did the thunderstorm, and humanity only gradually perceived the significance of solar energy. In distinction to the Thunder god who translates the higher forces of celestial fire, the Solar god personifies an inner power of his own.

      Leo, the king of beasts with the yellow mane, is associated with him as well as with the idea of personal force. The Sun protects heroes and is himself in rivalry with the King of society, thus the Chinese Yan- di struggles with the god of Thunder Huang- di. But sometimes a cloud covers the Sun and the Solar god is defeated: because mere personal force and independence of action, even if strong cannot stand against an opposing global and social order, which is destined to maintain the eternal traditions.

      Understanding the transmission of traditions and reproduction of being is the subject of the next archetype. Lunar archetype Cancer :. The lunar gods continue the theme of birth and death, characteristic to the water element. The Moon is represented as a partner of the Sun, and in myths they are often depicted as brother and sister, or husband and wife. At night the Moon replaces the Sun in the sky, and during the day in the underground world.

      According the Indoeuropean tradition, the constant Sun was correlated with the feminine image and the changeable Moon with the masculine one: there were myths wherein the Moon proved unfaithful to the Sun, having fallen in love with the Morning Star Venus. But in the patriarchal schema, the dim light of the Moon associates it with weakness, and so makes it an ideal of femininity.

      In this way, according a myth of the American Indians, the Creator, at the end of his work, transformed the most handsome man into the Sun, and the most beautiful woman into the Moon. And as the Sun is an unfailing source of life energy, the Moon, which dies away and disappears, from the sky is connected with death and nonexistence. Its faded glow seems ephemeral and does not leave any hope for the continuation of being. But suddenly it appears again, begins growing and is restored, generating in the human mind the idea of illusion and at the same time the immortality of life.

      All over the world lunar myth is connected with the idea of immortality, that coincides with the astrological definition of the Moon as Psyche which is considered to be imperishable. The full Moon dying and giving birth to the small Crescent was associated also with the idea of motherhood, securing the continuation of life. The notion of a taste of immortality, associated with the Moon, for example, the Indian Soma which personifies simultaneously the Moon and the drink of immortal gods , goes back to mother's milk.

      Through mother's milk and fairy tales a human inherits traditional knowledge transmitted from generation to generation. The Moon preserves the integrity of being imparted by the Sun through the memory of knowledge of the past. Regarding the phases of the Moon, which became the raw material for the calculation of time, the act of fixing the present allowed humanity to memorize it's history based on the experience of the past.

      Then epics and legends arose, and were disseminated in the form of fairy tales which helped every new inhabitant of the Earth to orient himself in the world and recognize his destiny as a part of human history. The Moon archetype is associated with the epoch during which for the first time mankind looks backward upon his path, evaluating his journey, and this links us back to the notion of Time that was considered in the mythologema of Capricorn. As was seen in the examples of the Sky and the Sun, associated through the idea of light expanding, signs which stand opposite to each other are bound by a single idea.