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Vitamin supplements and essential oils can recharge the batteries of this slow-moving sign. The reckless Tiger should take some financial precautions during the carefree Year of the Pig. If this sign focuses on saving more than they spend, it will avoid trouble in Normally stubborn, Tigers will become much more flexible this year, making it a good time to break bad habits and establish more satisfying lifestyles. Tigers are extremely energetic and will enjoy stepping up their fitness routines.

The Year of the Pig affords many opportunities to combine exercise with fun. The Year of the Pig is poised to shower many gifts on the cultured Rabbit. Financial opportunities will abound, since will put great emphasis on social connections, which benefits this popular sign.

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Work involving advertising, the law, and art will be especially lucrative for Rabbits. Educational endeavors will be challenging -- this sign will have to study hard to do well. Because Pig Years are filled with parties, exhaustion could be a problem for indulgent Rabbits. Practicing moderation is critical for this sign to maintain robust health throughout Working as part of a team is a good strategy for professional Dragons throughout , which places a great emphasis on collaboration. The sociable quality of Pig years mesh well with this charismatic sign, making this a great time to find and maintain love.

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Daredevil Dragons can maintain good health in the Year of the Pig, provided they wear the proper safety equipment when engaging in extreme sports. It's also wise for this sign to get routine health checkups, as Earth years reward regular maintenance.

The forthright Year of the Pig poses challenges for secretive Snakes. As far as work is concerned, promotions and raises for this sign will be few and far between. However, smart Snakes will work hard to gain the approval of their superiors, thus paving the way for professional advancement in Home improvement projects are favored this year and should appeal to this transformational sign.

As far as health is concerned, stress will be the biggest culprit for pessimistic Snakes. Practicing the art of positive thinking is advised. The passionate Horse will be buoyed by the optimism exuded by the Year of the Earth Pig. Part-time workers seeking full-time employment can reach their goal, provided they pour their boundless energy into outperforming the competition.

Thoughtful investments into slowly growing companies will be more lucrative than risky ventures. Friendships will be a source of joy if the moody Horse doesn't take out their frustrations on loved ones. Regarding health, road rage can cause problems for this impulsive sign, so smart Horses should learn relaxation techniques to cope.

The easygoing Sheep will find the Year of the Earth Pig quite pleasing.

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Regarding career prospects, the Sheep will be rewarded for their diplomatic and collaborative skills. Members of this sign that work in creative fields will do especially well, getting enthusiastic receptions from customers, patrons, or patients. Minor health complaints like coughs and colds can be avoided in the Year of the Pig if the Sheep gets plenty of rest between social engagements.

Fun-loving Monkeys will enjoy the festive energy associated with the Year of the Earth Pig. This restless sign should take precautions regarding work, however. Partying all night can have a negative impact on the Monkey's career.

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