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On October 8th, Venus will enter Scorpio. In astrology, the planet Venus rules love and prosperity, while the sign Scorpio is associated with passion, poss. But the true mark of badassery is having something officially nam.

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We enter July with a sassy new attitude on the first, as action planet Mars enters bold Leo. A new Moon arrives on July 2, coinciding with a total solar eclipse in deep-feeling Cancer. Weigh your options carefully as you sit with this energy.

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Charming Venus, the planet of love and wealth enters domestic Cancer on July 3, encouraging you to create harmony and romance in your home through beautifying your space. Mercury, our communication planet, joins Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto for the ultimate retrograde party on July 7. So many planets are moving in reverse, helping us to become more accountable for our actions and decisions.

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  7. Take a breather and avoid big groups on July 9, when the Sun opposes a retrograde Saturn. Sometimes, only you can take care of yourself.

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    The Sun trines with a retrograde Neptune on July 10, bringing more clarity to our collective creative projects. Fiery Mars squares unpredictable Uranus on July 11, driving our need to create. If you feel yourself losing control, try to blow off a little steam to temper your reactions to authority. Go easy on yourself on July 14, as the Sun opposes a retrograde Pluto.

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    Refocus your attention on your body to quiet your mind. The Moon waxes full during a partial lunar eclipse in hard-working Capricorn on July 16, changing our view of authority figures and who should hold power.

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    The sun switches his gaze from Aries to Taurus on 20th April. Pluto, our planet of rebirth goes retrograde on 24th April. During the six month backspin, consider how you can actively change your life. On 29th April, Saturn our planet of responsibility goes retrograde. When the ringed planet moves in reverse, it allows us to take a good look at our routines and self-imposed rules.

    Saturn in retrograde is not a time to cut corners — how much of your own structure needs to be rebuilt?

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