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It is up to us to determine whether our Moon, Sun, Mercury or any other natal planet involved in eclipses, "bad" aspects, and configurations manifests productively or non-productively. While Eclipses do tend to shut down some elements in the area of life house in which they fall, this is not necessarily a bad thing, since we must bring some things to an end if we are to embrace newer, better ways of doing our Being.

What is the astrological significance of an Eclipse?

While the future effects of an Eclipse may be powerful, in that they last over a long period, it is useful to see that they only eliminate what we no longer need. Some things are removed quickly, others are removed gradually, over time. Some Eclipses are VERY beneficial in that they create a void for us that we can fill appropriately, according to our evolved awareness and intention. This is the full phase of the Eclipse effects of the last one in Capricorn which brought a very heavy Saturn influence to what has ended over the past 6 months, and initiates growth which will begin to be demonstrated at the next Solar Eclipse in December.

Whatever is shut down by this Solar Eclipse creates a space for new forms of individual self-expression which prepares us to externalize something of our higher purpose later this year. This will be a very powerful and dynamic eclipse because of the aspects made, dislodging many old stuck forms which have been going everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This Eclipse will have the emotional, social, and cultural dimension as its primary focus, with growth along the lines of securing what we need to sustain our growing future actions.

All Eclipses radically transform areas affected by the planetary positions, so look to where you have 11 Cancer to see what will be shut down. That life area will yield a new way of looking at everything associated with the Cancer sector of our lives. Though there are always endings associated with any Eclipse, these open the space we need to align with Spirit in natural and productive ways. Take a new look to see what really matters and what you do and do not want to bring with you into the new world you're already living. The January Solar Eclipse, though weak, is helping us sprout seeds of power that will be fulfilled in You can follow the internal links in this article to the previous articles about this specific Eclipse.

As with the previous links, follow the internal links in this one to the previous articles about this Eclipse. Again, go to parts 1 and 3 to find out the Sabian Symbols, aspects, Jones pattern, and all the other details about its qualities.

Parts 1 and 3 have Sabian Symbols, aspects, Jones pattern, and all the other details about its qualities. June 28, Permalink. Divine The Justice down from on high The restless ghosts laugh and the Angels sigh All have vowed to do their best Be kind to those who failed the test Left to discover upon their last breath Love and kindness the key to a happy death Posted by: sue June 28, at AM. My Cancer is in my 11th house, no planets. So I guess it's all about my social connections, maybe lineage clearing, checkin' in with the ancestors to make sure there are no skeletons in the closet.

Forgive - accept - release - and move on.

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Intuitive Astrology: July New Moon Solar Eclipse 12222

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Aum and blessings! How Do Eclipses Work?

How to Survive This Month's Chaotic Eclipses That Will Shake Up Everything - VICE

See you soon with more on this Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer! Past Solar Eclipses These were all active for 2 to 5 years. These are still active at this time. Verify your Comment Previewing your Comment. This is only a preview. Even in modern culture, we seem to have a bizarre fear of eclipses, most notably of the "don't- look-or-you'll-go-blind" variety. Of course, if you look directly at the sun during an eclipse it can harm your vision, but that's true every day, not just on eclipses.

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Andrew Weil's book "Marriage of the Sun and Moon" has a great section on the spiritual dimension of these celestial events, well worth reading, and he also explores the fears we continue to have of eclipses. While eclipses aren't quite as bad as astrologers used to think, they do often coincide with significant, sometimes destructive, events in the world.

But most of us, even those with planets and sensitive points very close to the eclipse, will be just fine. Eclipses happen in pairs sometimes in threes , two weeks apart. For example, there could be one solar eclipse, and two weeks before or after, there is a lunar eclipse. These occur on the regular dates for the new and full moons. What does happen during the eclipse time is that we all get a bit edgy and excitable. It works like this: in the week or two before the first eclipse, we start to feel a building tension. This reaches its peak, right around the eclipse, and then continues until the second eclipse, two weeks later.