The indian express weekly horoscope

As you can see, this is a week to play safe, not to speculate. Expect weird and wonderful social invitations. This may require one or two unpopular actions but, as a true Scorpio, nothing can daunt you.

Daily Sun Sign Horoscope

Partners who have stepped out of line need putting back in their place. You may still be recovering from recent lunar storms, with all their attendant excitement.

This may therefore be an ideal time to restore confidence, mend fences, tie up loose ends and generally take charge. Friends and colleagues will be offering invaluable advice, so sit up and listen — for once! Press ahead with repairs, decorations and improvements at home, but bear in mind that unusual problems require radical solutions.

Horoscope of the week March (3 – 9)

You may therefore have to break the habits of a lifetime. Family members may have their own ideas, though. Mercury, the planet of dreams and ideas, is bound to be a pleasant influence over the next few weeks, rousing creative impulses and endowing you with a feeling that you can indeed enjoy life on your own terms. Younger family members need your help and sympathy. Thursday and Friday will be your most interesting days, mainly because the Moon, which rules your emotions, will be cruising through a commonsense region of your chart, encouraging you to put your dreams into practice.

That emotional pair of planets, Venus and Mars, are still challenging you in various ways, which means that partners have the advantage, no matter what shape and size they come in! To be perfectly honest, you must admit that a close friend was correct all along. The Sun is calling your attention to broader interests, perhaps bringing in an overseas connection. Certainly it would do your morale no end of good to incorporate an overseas dimension into current affairs.

Your 12222 Horoscope

You might also be fascinated by individuals from cultures which are very different from yours. The Moon is behaving strangely for the second day running, which means that this is still a very special time.

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Your task is to take the initiative. If partners imagine they have a right to interfere, you may have to put them right on that score. I mean, nobody has the right to make you reveal information which has nothing to do with them!

Maintain good lines of communication. In fact, you might be able to slow down at work.